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The Global Village

What is the Global Village?

The Global Village is a program for 9th and 10th grade students at Fallbrook High School who show strong academic potential but are not opting into a full schedule of honors level courses.  The goal of the Global Village is to encourage those students into at least one honors level course (International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, or Dual Enrollment) in 11th and/or 12th grade. 


The Global Village Difference

Students selected for the Global Village are not getting special classes as much as they are getting a special group of teachers.  We guarantee your English teacher will be a Global Village teacher, and then we work with Counseling to schedule you to as many other Global Village teachers as possible.  Our goal is to get at least half your schedule aligned to the Global Village. 


Global Village Teachers

  • trained in the International Baccalaureate Programme (IB)
  • use IB methods for teaching and learning
  • know the test types that are required in IB and work to acclimate students to those challenges
  • meet monthly to discuss shared goals, develop professionally, and collaborate on how to best meet student needs
  • counsel and encourage students on their 4 year journey, including their involvement in academics, clubs, and sports
  • Internationally minded curriculum:  thinking globally, acting locally
  • Character education: focusing on the attributes that will help one become a lifelong learner  
  • Commitment to human welfare through community service.
  • Emphasis on the development of study skills — learning how to learn.
  • Connecting core curriculum to our career pathways


Placement Process

Students are welcome to apply to be a part of the Global Village, but applying is not a requirement.  Fallbrook High School brings students into the Global Village by assessing their GPAs, course selections, and test scores.  We ideally look for students who have a 2.5 GPA or higher who have not opted into an Honors level English course and are not getting encouragement into rigorous classes through our AVID program.  Hundreds of students fit this description at each grade level at Fallbrook, so we give special preference to the following groups:

  • Families who request access to the Global Village
  • Students in our English Language Development program working toward biliteracy
  • Students in our Dual Immersion program working toward a Seal of Biliteracy  
  • Students who show an early interest in a career program, including
    • ROTC 
    • Transportation Technology
    • Engineering
    • Manufacturing
    • Computers