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FHS Sports Contact Information

Sports Information 

Fallbrook High encourages all students to become active in our Sports Programs.  Below is a listing of all sports and the e-mail of the head coach for you to get more detailed information about their sport and/or program.    We have also included the contact information for he Athletic Office.  We would love to hear from you.

Sports Offered with Coaches Contact Information

Girls Sports     Boys Sports  
Basketball Jessica Ramirez Baseball Patrick Walker
Cross Country Marco Arias Basketball Ryan Smith
Field Hockey Debbie Berg Cross Country Marco Arias
Golf Neil Medlock Football Troy Everhart
Gymnastics Shar Larsen Golf Neil Medlock
Soccer Sergio Garcia Soccer Jorge Rojas
Softball Lisa Stehl Swim/Dive Bill Richardson
Swim/Drive Sean Redmond Tennis Bill Lenaway
Tennis Bill Lenaway Track/Field Marco Arias
Track/Field Vickie Knox Volleyball Chip Petterson
Volleyball Jason Dale Water Polo Bill Richardson
Water Polo Sean Redmond Wrestling Cristian Vera
Lacrosse TBA tba Lacrosse Mike Zinniger

Athletic Office Contact Information

Patrick Walker, ATHLETIC DIRECTOR     723-6300    EXT. 3601
Shar Larsen, Athletic Secretary      723-6300    EXT. 3610
Cassie Nichols, Athletic Trainer   723-6300   EXT. 3608