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 Fallbrook High encourages all students to become active in our Sports Programs.  Our teams are more competitive than youth recreational leagues and require a higher level of skill & team commitment.  Playing time is determined by the coach & and never guaranteed.  Communication between athlete & coach is highly encouraged especially in situations regarding team issues, playing time, absences etc.   Commitment to selected sports is expected from ALL athletes and their parents. Please note tournaments, practices, games continue during the summer, Thanksgiving week, Winter & Spring breaks & any other holidays.  ALL athletes are required to attend team meetings, practices, games and tournaments unless illness or emergency situations arise. It’s the athlete’s responsibility to communicate with the coaching staff if an absence is anticipated for any reason. You may check out the previous year’s participation data under Links and Forms - CIF participation Data on this site.

An athletic clearance is mandatory for ALL students trying out for a sport.  ALL student-athletes must complete and clear their athletic packet prior to the beginning of their sports season.  Students in year-round sport classes must be cleared PRIOR to the start of the 1st semester.  You may download the instructions and the physical form

Clearance Deadlines:

Fall Sports: 7/12/2019

Winter Sports: 10/18/19

Spring Sports: 1/25/20

Online Clearance Process Guide.   Here you will find the directions to complete the clearance process to participate in athletics and activities. There has been some changes for the 2019-20 school year so please read each section carefully. Thanks for taking the time to complete the process.    Physicals must be performed by a licensed healthcare provider.   All physicals must be done with in the US.  

Step 1

Go to athleticclearance.com 

Step 2

Login Process. Either create an account or log in with your current account

Step 3

  1.  Complete each section as required.  If an entry has a red asterisk you must enter something in the box. If it is asking for information you do not have you may enter 0’s or N/A.
  1. Every athlete is required to carry medical insurance in order to participate in a sport.  If you do not have medical insurance you may purchase Student Health Insurance, online through Myers Stevens & Toohey or at the Athletic Department if desired.  All football players who are not covered by their own policy will be required to purchase the tackle football insurance.  The link to the school insurance is:   https://myers-stevens.com/
  1. There is a section to upload your forms directly into the system if you wish.  If you choose not to upload your forms you may just click the save button and the bottom of the section and move on. 
  1. You will complete the Online Signature Agreements by typing in the appropriate name in the box on the left.  Please read these forms.  By signing, you are stating you understand the content in each section. 


Step 4

The last section is the Confirmation Section. This Clearance/Consent letter must be printed and signed by both the parent/guardian and the student/athlete.  The icon to print this letter is at the bottom of the letter in the center of the page.  After the confirmation letter there is a list of all the sports your student may  participate in at Fallbrook High.  Please check all the sports they may want to do.  Next check the box agreeing that all information listed for the original sport will be the same for all sports played during that school year.

Step 5

Congratulations, you have now completed the online clearance process.

You now must bring the signed Clearance/Consent letter, a copy of your medical insurance card (front and back), and your physical to the Athletic Directors Office to be cleared.  If no one is in the office you may put your papers in the drop box located right outside of the athletic office or ask the main office to put it in the Athletic Directors mail bin. 

If you need to reprint the Clearance/Consent form log into your account at athleticclearance.com and click on the view icon under the "Confirmation  ?" column.  Scroll down to the bottom of page and you will see a small "printer friendly page" in the center. Click on this and a new screen will show up with this form.  Scroll down to the bottom once again and you will see "print".  Click on this and you will print the page that is needed for his clearance.  Sign this form and return it to the athletic office.     If you do not have internet access you can complete your packet in the Athletic Office.  The athlete and parent are always welcome.  

Below are the links to download this instructions and the physical form if you need them.

Athletic Office Contact Information

   Patrick Walker, ATHLETIC DIRECTOR

pwalker@fuhsd.net     723-6300    EXT. 3601

       Claudia Mendez, Athletic Secretary

cmendez@fuhsd.net   723-6300    EXT. 3610

      Cassie Nichols, Athletic Trainer

cassandranichols@fuhsd.net   723-6300   EXT. 3608