Welcome to Fallbrook High School Athletics - Home of the Warriors

Here at Fallbrook we are very proud of our sports teams, their coaches and especially our student athletes.  We compete in the Valley League of the North County Conference in the CIF-San Diego Section.  Fallbrook has a rich history of competitive athletic teams and successful individual athletes.  Each student athlete and coach recognizes the importance of following the CIF Sixteen Principles of Pursuing Victory with Honor as well as to adhere to the Code of Ethics where maintaining quality character on and off the playing field is a priority.  We are proud to offer a variety of outstanding programs and are continuously working on improving our athletic facilities.

Fallbrook High encourages all students to become active in our Sports Programs.  Our teams are more competitive than youth recreational leagues and require a higher level of skill and team commitment.  Playing time is determined by the coach and is never guaranteed.  Communication between athlete and coach is highly encouraged especially in situations regarding team issues, playing time, absences etc.   Commitment to selected sports is expected from ALL athletes and their parents. Please note tournaments, practices and games continue during the summer, Thanksgiving week, Winter and Spring breaks and any other holidays.  ALL athletes are required to attend team meetings, practices, games and tournaments unless illness or emergency situations arise. It’s the athlete’s responsibility to communicate with the coaching staff if an absence is anticipated for any reason.

An athletic clearance is mandatory for ALL students trying out for a sport.  ALL student-athletes must complete and clear their athletic packet prior to the beginning of their sports season.  Students in year-round sport classes must be cleared PRIOR to the start of the Fall semester. 

Please do not hesitate to contact the Athletic Director's office with any questions or comments.