Social Studies » College Prep Government and Economics - 12th Grade

College Prep Government and Economics - 12th Grade

govGOVERNMENT - In this course, students will learn to compare systems of government in the world today and analyze the life and
changing interpretations of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the current state of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government. An emphasis is also placed on analyzing the relationship among federal, state and local governments as well as promoting civic literacy as students prepare to vote. Students are exposed to the U.S. Government Structure, systems and political processes focusing on constitutional structures and foundations.
ECONOMICS - This course provides an overview of the American economic system. Whereby all elements of the economy will be analyzed in the study of macroeconomic and microeconomic theory. The purpose of this course on Economics is to aid in gaining an understanding of the basic principles of the American economic system and that of other countries. Additionally, students will gain knowledge of economic principles such as production, supply and
demand, stock market money, credit, banking, personal income, the government and its economy, and major economic problems.