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Jess Yacovelle

Fallbrook High School English teacher, Tomahawk advisor, and coffee lover!


I've been teaching English 9 and ELD 1 at Fallbrook High School for the last 2 years. Previously, I worked as a journalist and editor for a local publication. I also taught a required writing course at UCSD for 2 years.


I am the advisor of the Fallbrook High School newspaper, the TomahawkThe paper includes articles, short stories, photographs, and graphics created by students. Our staff pitch and write stories about school events, the city of Fallbrook, and the world. Interested in joining? Contact me for more information at


When I'm not teaching, I love writing, reading, and cuddling my snoozy pitbull Leila. My favorite book is The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner––though I love escaping with the Harry Potter books too!