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Ceramics Class 1 & 2

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Term 1 Year
This class fulfills the year A-G requirement F for VAPA credit. Students learn about the Elements of Art and Principles of Design through a variety of hand built and thrown projects.
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Art Class
Term 1 year
Course Description: The Art student will create works of art using a variety of techniques and mediums using the Elements of Art, and Principles of Design. Creative self-expressions and individual problem solving will be stressed.
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About The Teacher:
Ashley Scibilia got her BFA in Character Animation/Film and Video from Disney's school California Institute Of The Arts in 2006. She has been teaching at Fallbrook High School since 2012. In 2016 her television production class at Fallbrook High School was featured in the Magazine "California Educator". You can see the article below. She has trained and taught many forms of art due to her background studying at Disney's school that include Drawing, painting, pastel, ceramics, sculpture, portraiture, television production, animation, digital photography and painting techniques using the programs Corel Painter and Adobe Photo Shop. She was part of the International Animated Film Society of Hollywood called ASIFA for over 7 years, and was part of the Illustration Society of San Diego, Water Color Society of San Diego, and Pastel Society of San Diego in 2012.