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Srta. DeHaas/ Ms. DeHaas/ Ms. D/ Maestra Betsy DeHaas

Live to Learn . . . Learn and Grow  🍀 🌷 🎉                  Betsy & Baby Bear de Viaje!
It IS what It IS and . . . IF it's WORKING . . .
KEEP Doing WHAT you are Doing! 🤗 🧚🏻‍♀️
IF it is NOT Working 🤷‍♀️
TRY something else . . . 💞
Baby Bear w/ his Christmas Stocking
Be a Solution Designer!    THIS is exactly  WHAT the WORLD needs right now 😊❤️🎉
This is Baby Bear with his special Christmas Stocking that was made especially for him to celebrate all the goodness and love that comes at Christmas time . . . He loves the creativity and togetherness of the Hispanic/Latino culture . . . some of his favorite things since moving to CA are tamales, Día de los muertos, y la tienda Mexicana "NorthGate" . . . Baby Bear quiere un Feliz Navidad y un Prospero Año Nuevo para  . . . todos, cada día del año!!!  He has been all over the world in the past 10 years and has many experiences, sad, exciting, happy, as well as confusing times as well to share. His stories delight my students no matter the age and he has been growing up bilingual, mainly in CA, just like many of my Fallbrook students.

¡Hola y bienvenidos!      

"Me with my best friend Jess enjoying an outing with Baby Bear in Oceanside" "Me enjoying the Oceanside Harbor with Baby Bear and my best friend Jessica"   . . . PS, the guy in the shadow was my amazing Ralph, expert photographer, businessman, the inspiration and $$ behind Club de Teatro @ FHS! He fought an infectious disease worse than Covid-19 from May-December of 2019.  My FHS students were an amazing support of positive energy for Ralph and I. We continue to celebrate those we love on Día de los muertos every year!


My name is Ms. DeHaas and I am part of the World Language Team at Fallbrook High School.  I am now tenured at Fallbrook High School as a Spanish Teacher and it is quite the honor to work with such amazing individuals. I’m from Idaho and more recently Washington State, however living and teaching in Ecuador for over a decade of my life has made me part latina at heart.  In fact, that is what drew me to the communities of Oceanside, Vista, and Fallbrook in the first place.I love the diversity we experience here daily!

I am a passionate learner and educator.  Working in the field of education for over twenty-two years, I know that when we are practicing our passions we can truly inspire others.  My main passions in life are teaching, writing, communication (be it written or verbal in Spanish or English) and helping others to achieve their goals. I am a passionate student and teacher, a life-long learner with an open heart and open mind toward others, their beliefs, world views, and what I can learn from them as well as impart.



Embrace each new day with a positive attitude, breathing it in moment by moment one breath at a time. . . inhale . . .exhale . . . inhale . . .

The one thing life has taught me in the last 10 years is that each day is a treasure . . . Love who you are and the people that surround you! One day at a time . . . You never know when it will be your last! R.R. 1965 - 2019

My Ralphy and Baby Bear

Areas of Interest:

People, culture, history, literature, photography, cinema, food, art, interpersonal communication, and matters of the heart. Having studied and taught Spanish and English literature, I am aware of the cultural nuances and historical understanding of a people or a region that can be gained through reading.  At any given time, I am usually working on at least three different books.  I also love the outdoors.  Hiking, biking, swimming in the ocean and a developing yoga practice are just a few of the ways I enjoy spending my free time.


Baby Bear and his Mamá, Queen Elizabeth (aka Betsy) at the Champs-Élysées in Paris, FR (2012)


Baby Bear & Betsy (aka: Queen Elizabeth) at the Avenida Champs-Élysées in 2012



One of my personal passions is to write stories about my little travel companion that has been accompanying me since 2010.  His name is Baby Bear and I plan to publish his stories one day, but in the meantime he enjoys meeting my students and helps inspire them to think, write, and speak in Spanish!

Mom Carol tomando un cafecito con Baby Bear after a rainstorm in Paris.

Baby Bear and MomCarol on a trip to Paris, France.


M.A. Foreign Languages and Cultures, Washington State University, 2013

M.A. Primary Education University of Alabama, 2003

B.A. English Literature University of Idaho, May 1997

B.S. Secondary Education English/Spanish University of Idaho, December 1997


Teaching & Work Experience

Guajome Park Academy, Vista, CA 2016-2018

Vista Innovation and Design Academy, Vista, CA 2014-2016

I Drive Safely, Carlsbad, CA 2013-2014

Washington State University, Pullman WA 2011-2013

Pioneer School, Spokane Valley, WA 2007-2011

Colegio Menor San Francisco, Quito, Ecuador 1998-2007      

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